Having a hard time finding pregnancy books for Dad! Looking for books for a first time Dad! Please let me know if you have anything! Thank you so much!!
20-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
wanted: weed whacker gas or electric.
19-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
Hey all. If someone has an old motorized wheelchair or mobility scooter that they are not using I could make use of it. Thanks!
18-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
wanted: cat tower... cat tree
18-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
wanted: cat supplies
18-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
wanted: toaster oven
18-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
wanted: air conditioner
18-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
wanted: microwave
15-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
It doesn t matter if it s old new just as long as it works and has no viruses I m homeschooling my kid and I need a laptop
15-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
I do not care how old it is, just that it works. Actually the older the better as I think they last longer. My spin cycle is not spinning the clothes so everything is still wet when the cycle is over so anything better would be good. Thanks for reading.
14-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
Im looking for the small canister type that comes with so many of the smaller pools. Its usually about 12 inches tall with a hose in and another hose out that attaches to the side of the pool. Nothing large. Usually the pool falls apart before the filter so my fingers are crossed!
9-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
ISO xl air fryer (Any style) For garden vegetables etc.
13' boat trailer. hand crank or mechanized. rollers or slides. Thank you for your consideration.
7-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
Looking for a walker or bouncy chair suitable for a 7 month old. Thanks!
6-Jun-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
a friend of mine is in hospital giving birth to her son 6 weeks early she is need of a car set and anything for a baby boy all she has a a few clothing bottles and a crib so anything will help
Have mattress and box spring
Have a huge project. Need lots of ribbon. Doesn't matter print or solid. Holiday themed is good too.
I will take 1 or many. Any amount will be helpful. Thanks
21-May-2018Wilmington, NC(19 miles)Items Wanted
I am looking for a plastic enclosed dog crate for my granddog. She has a wire one and is able to escape from it. We are hoping maybe a plastic one will keep her from escaping. If you have one you no longer need, please let me know. Thanks so much!
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