Antique Kitchenware Items for Sale in Hampstead, NC

Maker's Mark on bottom. Famous McCoy Pottery cookie jar with lid. Excellent condition. Never Used, only displayed. No chips , grazing, or cracks. Very pretty light cream color with rich brown striping.
Late Roman Pottery Oil Lamp Levant - AD CULTURE REGION OF ORIGIN Late Roman Syria or Palestine DATE - AD DIMENSIONS . cm (. in.) long DESCRIPTION The Late Roman period pottery oil lamp is formed of pink clay with possible remains of a reddish slip on the surface and is piriform in shape with a slightly elongated handle. It features a repeating chevron decoration on the shoulders and quadrangula...
Early Byzantine Holy Land Pottery Oil Lamp th Century AD CULTURE REGION OF ORIGIN Early Byzantine Palestine DATE th Century AD DIMENSIONS cm (. in.) long DESCRIPTION Intact. This larger example is made from hard reddish clay and features a cross in relief above the nozzle and transverse lines in relief all around the shoulder. It rests on a slightly raised circular base has a small pointed hand...
CULTURE REGION OF ORIGIN Byzantine Syria and Palestine DATE th - th Century AD DIMENSIONS . cm (. in.) longDESCRIPTION formed from pink-grey clay with some dark inclusions this lamp is typical o f a class of early Byzantine lamps widespread in what is now Israel Palestine Jordan a nd Syria. Made in a mold it features a spike handle and relief decoration of palettes and con centric semicircles. ...
Byzantine Pottery Oil Lamp th-th Century ADCULTURE REGION OF ORIGN Byzantine Empire specifically Samaria in PalestineDATE th - th Century CEDIMENSIONS . cm (. in.) longDESCRIPTION Intact. A mold made pottery oil lamp dating to the Byzantine period in Palestine. The lamp is formed from pinkish clay and rests on a nearly flat base with an ill-defined circle at its center. The upper surfaces are d...
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